An Experiment With MapQuest


MapQuest can be a handy tool for traveling, but can it also provide more philosophical information for your life

MapQuest screen is a great tool. I’ve used it a lot in the past and it always managed to get me to where I wanted to go.

While sitting in morning traffic (that’s where I do all my best thinking apparently) I got this brainstorm – maybe Mapquest could help me find places that I haven’t managed to find! Places and things that I’ve been searching for, but have just been unable to locate on my own. Maybe Mapquest can spit out some simple directions of where I’m supposed to make that left turn to get there!

So I wrote up my list, I’m gonna sit down and punch in my desired destinations into Mapquest. Let’s see how this goes folks!

How do I reach a “Meditative State”?

Hmmm…not much here. A lot of listings for Meditation Center’s across the country. Not really what I was looking for tho. Maybe they don’t include it since it’s not one of our official 50 states tho. I’ll have to check my atlas and see what area of the county it’s in.

Just out of curiosity, how do I goto “Hell”?

Come on! This should be simple! There’s a nightclub called Hell in Rhode Island. And a lot of listings for a bunch of Hell’s Kitchen Restaurants across the states. That could be it…..maybe Hell has a food chain on earth. I would have thought Mapquest would give me directions to a hardware store to buy a shovel and simply say “Dig”.

Let’s try a similar one. How do I reach “The Stars””?

There’s a Star, Alabama….a Star North Carolina….I don’t think this is working. Mapquest should have at least pointed me to a planetarium or maybe Cape Canaveral.

How do I find “Myself”?

Again nothing! I doubt The My Mirror Myself color consultants in Highland Park, Michigan will provide the answers I’m looking for with this one.

Where do I go to explore “New Horizons”?

Well a bunch of New Horizons schools and churches, but that’s not really “New” to me. Been there done that. They could of at least pointed me to a flat state where you can get a clear view of the horizon line.

Alright last one. Where do I find “True Love”?

Ummmm…a lot of True Love Baptist Churches. Hey, there’s a listing for a Love, Texas! That could be it!!! Isn’t the expression “deep in the HEART of Texas”? That makes sense! Let me print this one up.

Maybe this wasn’t as brilliant an idea as I first thought. Mapquest wasn’t as helpful as I was hoping. I guess it’s mainly for vacationers. I won’t even bother asking it where do I go to find “My Destiny”.

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