The Mistress Is Pregnant


A cheating husband has left his wife and sons to marry his mistress. He has neglected his responsibilities towards his children and battled with his ex-wife. Now with his mistress-wife pregnant will things get better or worse for his sons?

Deadbeat Dad Cheating Husband

It amazes me that a human being could sink to such depths when they are so obviously in the wrong and are unwilling to admit it. How they can possibly justify their behavior and the way they treated (and are continually treating) everyone around them so badly is something I just will never understand.

I would imagine this would prey on any rational-minded, normal persons mind, not only everyday, but every minute of the day! How they can possibly look at themselves or anyone else around them and not feel ashamed is beyond my comprehension.

So just to recap – a husband has cheated on his wife. He has tried to convince everyone that he began seeing his mistress after it was agreed with his wife that their marriage was over. Of course, his wife wasn’t clued in on this. The cheating husband would go to marriage counseling with his wife pretending and lying to be working on repairing their problems, then sneaking off to see his mistress as soon as he could.

False presentations were made to friends, colleagues, and family that their marriage was completely over and he and his wife already knew it. It was a bold faced lie. But this ‘Big Lie’ helped to create the seemingly innocent introduction of his mistress into his life and the illusion that he had just begun seeing her to everyone around him.

One has to wonder whether anyone actually believed this. Just the plain fact his divorce was finalized in late October and he proposed to his mistress in January might signal some red flags and indicate something more underhanded was going on than what he was saying.

Regardless, the cheating husband began his new life marrying his mistress. However, he still had two young sons who now would suffer from the decision he made. They were completely innocent and will now be forced to accept their new mistress-step-mother as one of their guardians and a new member of their extended family.

And it hasn’t been working out very well.

It was clear from the start that his children were no longer the priority of the cheating husbands life any longer. His new young wife-mistress would become his focus where all his attention and money would go and her happiness would supersede everything else. It would be consistent battles with the boys’ mother about providing money for his children and his responsibilities towards them.

Just really stupid, absurd stuff that when you hear about his actions it would sound so off the wall that you would think there’s no way this can be true. It has to be exaggerated. Nope.

Five Dollar BillFor example, the two sons would spend their summer days at a camp. There would be snack time during the day when the children are given a chance to buy an ice cream or some kind of snack.

Not wanting her children to be left out from this snack break the mother asked their father to pay half of the weekly snack fees for them. Mind you, we’re talking about five dollars a day. Their father flatly refused to pay for their snacks, saying the person responsible for taking them to camp for the day should be the one to pay the snack fee for the day.

That certainly worked out well for him since he only saw his children once a week. So, the now single, working mother had to provide her children with daily snack fees, while their cheating father remained stubborn and kept his arms folder over the issue.

He was so adamant with his refusal of paying anything extra for this snack fee he would drive an extra twenty miles to their mother’s house to pick up the five dollar snack fee she would leave in her mailbox for the children, rather than just it pay it himself.

What a guy.

Now, you can see if something so minor becomes such a battle to him regarding the best interests for his children and working with their mother to provide it to them, can you imagine what his response is with more significant, costly things involving his children? It’s been a constant struggle for the mother with their father and his responsibilities towards them. He argues about everything and continues to want to provide the absolute bare minimum of money and his own time towards them. I suppose in his mind there are more important matters that require his attention and he prefers to see their mother carry the full weight of everything.

He’s very good at rationalizing his behavior, but anyone looking at it from the outside his behavior appears insane. Just give the kids the five lousy dollars!

All this despite the fact he had stated he would never make his children pay for his mistakes – a hollow statement if there ever was one. It appears the emotion of guilt has completely left him since he abandoned his wife and sons.

During holidays his sons would be relegated to the backburner as his new young mistress-wife would receive his attention. Her wanting to go out, and putting on their loving blissful newly wed act to her friends was much more significant than any quality time the two boys would get to spend with their dad.

Neglected ignored childIf it was their weekend to see their father and his mistress-wife wanted to go out, well that’s easy. Just send them to their mother-in-laws for the weekend and not see them at all. Then the cheating newly weds didn’t have to deal with them for another two weeks.

Her wants and desires would be paramount and his two children would be more an inconvenience and reluctant obligation the father would try to squeeze in when he had the time. And always the mistress-step-mother would be there, despite the sons wishing she wouldn’t be.

When the sons did get to spend time with their father, their mistress-step-mother was always a presence – and not a welcome one.

Some Wednesdays during the summer they wouldn’t see their father at all! Their mistress-step-mother would pick them up from camp and spend the rest of the evening with them until bedtime. Their father would get home late and never make an appearance in their visit time. The next morning they would be dropped back off at camp.

They would have been happy to stay in their ‘real home’ those days.

Promises would be made and consistently broken. The pattern became so routine, the ten-year-old son at one point told his father he wanted to spend time with HIM, not anyone else. “Just us Daddy.” The father would agree. The son would reiterate his wish asking him, “Do you promise?” and the father replied, “We’ll see.”

Later the son would tell his mother about the exchange and add, “I know he’s lying Mommy. He’s always lying.”

The sons would only spend Wednesdays and every other weekend with their father. But somehow that even seemed too much of a burden for him now having his new mistress wife. Weekends would be a grueling experience with the nine-year-old stating he hated going to Daddy’s for the weekend.

Mistress cheater social media liesThe mistress-step-mother wouldn’t hide her feelings of indifference towards the sons. She was pretty good at creating a façade on social media and to her friends how wonderful they all got along and how much the two boys loved her, even though that was not true at all. But again it’s fascinating how some people can lie and try to present themselves in a more positive light than how the reality actually is.

The mistress-step-mother would consistently berate and complain about them – right in front of them! The sons would describe to their mother what transpired over the weekend and it was understandable why they didn’t want to spend those required weekends at ‘Daddy’s New Home’.

Just crazy, absurd incidents that painted an unflattering, selfish portrait of this woman that their father decided to destroy his wife, children’s and his own life for. Just glimpses of what would happen. Granted, the full story of these incidents wouldn’t be known, but they painted a picture of what would happene when they spent time with their father and the mistress-step-mother was present. It also helped illustrate just what the cheating husband’s new life that he wanted so badly, was turning out to be.

One morning the nine-year-old wanted eggs for breakfast. The father was about to make them, but for whatever reason the mistress-step-mother didn’t like this food choice. She was angry and shouted at the father, “Why are you cooking for him???? Don’t treat him like a pet!” The youngest son got upset and scared, ran to the living room and hid behind the couch. Later, his father cooked him the eggs.

The mistress-step-mother would instruct the boys they were never to take a bath while staying at the house; they could only take showers. Why this became such a vital instruction for her to lay down I’m unsure. Bath, shower, just let the kids do whatever they want as long as they get clean. But their preference of taking baths would absolutely not be allowed at their fathers and his mistress-wife’s home.

Bad Step Mother CardA clear indication of how the nine-year-old felt about his time spent at his now ‘second home’ was revealed when his father asked him to do something. The boy replied he didn’t want to because he was a guest there. His father countered with, “In that case do you want me to change your room to a guest room?” The son not knowing what that meant simply said no.

One day after coming home from their weekend visit with their father, their mother asked them how their weekend was. The older son looked at his mother and simply said, “She’s a bitch”, referencing the mistress-step-mother.

Kids are really great at saying exactly what they feel.

Even during Christmas time the younger son was making his Christmas list to Santa Claus. Along with his lift of legos and nerf toys he wished for was one interesting addition among his list. He had written, ‘A new Step Mom (a nice one please)’.

I bet their step-mom didn’t share that with friends.

Then one day an announcement is made – Daddy’s mistress-wife is having a baby! The two sons were rather indifferent about it.

They were forced to pose for a baby announcement photo that was likely going to be sent out to all of Missy’s friends in order to keep the semblance of this ‘happy family’ thing she wanted to put on display. They had to get dressed up and pose for photos on the beach with Missy opening a big box filled with pink balloons looking all happy and excited.

The kids didn’t like it, but dutifully did what they were asked.

I’m sure that baby announcement didn’t include the details of their relationship and how this soon-to-be-mother had snuck into hotels with the father of this child while he was still married to another woman and he was lying to his wife and children about having to work long hours while he was fornicating with her.

Nah, that part was probably left out. That would put a damper on this joyful announcement and shatter this fairy tale facade they were so eager to present to everyone.

Mistress pregnant pink balloonsSo, the two sons will very soon be getting a step-sibling. It doesn’t appear to be a big deal to them. They don’t talk about it very much. It’s not likely when the baby arrives they’ll get or want to spend more time at their ‘second home’ and with their father than they have in the past two years. It might be even less when the baby comes. And I’m betting they’ll probably get less attention and be more neglected when their Daddy has two girls to care for that will monopolize his attention away from them even further.

Their father will certainly have his hands full. As his mistress-wife told the two boys – I’m going to let your father handle the baby since he already knows how to do it all.

Well, the baby arrived last week. Best of luck with your new baby and this blessed event Daddy. Hopefully you won’t forget you have two very nice young sons you have a responsibility towards and you won’t push them further out of this new idyllic life that you’re trying to make for yourself and your mistress-wife. Your sons didn’t have anything to do with any of this, YOU DECIDED TO MAKE ALL THIS HAPPEN.

Don’t make them keep paying for it. But we’ll see what happens.

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  1. You sound like a jealous bitter person who is poisoning your children with your emotions.

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