Deadbeat Dad Cheating Husband

The Mistress Is Pregnant

02/18/2018 HapStuff 1

A cheating husband has left his wife and sons to marry his mistress. He has neglected his responsibilities towards his children and battled with his ex-wife. Now with his mistress-wife pregnant will things get better or worse for his sons?

Marrying Mistress card

Marrying His Mistress

11/22/2015 HapStuff 55

What will happen when a cheating husband marries his mistress, it might seem like a good idea at the time, but statistics tell a different story

cheaters in central park

A Cheaters Behavior

09/08/2014 HapStuff 4

A cheating husband’s behavior becomes out of control as he builds lie upon ridiculous lie to protect his relationship with his mistress

signs of cheating husband

Signs of A Cheater

07/12/2014 HapStuff 1

A husband begins cheating on his wife and children having an affair with a mistress and as much as he tries to hide it all the signs are very clear