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Deadbeat Dad Cheating Husband

The Mistress Is Pregnant

A cheating husband has left his wife and sons to marry his mistress. He has neglected his responsibilities towards his children and battled with his ex-wife. Now with his mistress-wife pregnant will things get better or worse for his sons?

Marrying Mistress card

Marrying His Mistress

What will happen when a cheating husband marries his mistress, it might seem like a good idea at the time, but statistics tell a different story

marry mistress cheating husband

Proposing To The Mistress

When last we left the cheating husband was in the middle of being in a rush to finalize his divorce from his wife. He really put his foot on the...

Husband mistress becomes girlfriend

A Cheater and A Mistress’ Attitude

A cheating husband and his mistress have a callous and selfish attitude, they don’t care who they hurt, they only care about themselves

cheating husband holidays

A Cheating Husband During The Holidays

The holidays are meant to bring joy to kids, but when they’re father has left them to live with his mistress it brings more drama and heartache

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A Cheaters Behavior

A cheating husband’s behavior becomes out of control as he builds lie upon ridiculous lie to protect his relationship with his mistress

signs of cheating husband

Signs of A Cheater

A husband begins cheating on his wife and children having an affair with a mistress and as much as he tries to hide it all the signs are very clear