The Cheater Begins His New Life With His Mistress


The cheating husband begins his new life with his mistress and guess what – it’s not as rosy as they thought it would be and his children are made to suffer

Mistress To Mrs cheater marriage

The cheating husband’s mistress, was now his new wife, but I’ll continue to call her his Mistress. Just because they had a sham of a ceremony and were lying to everyone about how this relationship began doesn’t change what kind of people they are. So as any new married couple would do they set out to make a life together.

They bought a house further away from his children. People were quite taken aback by his choice of location. As one close friend of the ex-wife’s had commented, “What kind of father moves that far away from his children?”

The distance didn’t seem like it was an issue with the ex-cheating husband however. He explained his old address was ‘10.1, new address is 10.6 miles away….time difference is one minute.’

I guess he used the help of Google Maps to figure out the exact distance. He probably used the fastest route to make it sound better. Although the actual travel time away from his children was 35-40 minutes.

The distance from his children when he was sneaking around with his mistress and figuring out how to get a quickie divorce and quickie marriage seemed inconsequential in his mind. He reassured his wife that he would be close by and he “could easily see the kids during the week and have dinner with them if it was convenient”. The wife was fine with that. It would be nice for the kids to see their father more than every other weekend. This sounds encouraging.

However, those sporadic dinners never happened. Not once did the cheating husband attempt any requests or make any effort to have dinner with the kids during the many months he was living with his mistress. He would only see his children on his pre-planned days. I imagine he had much more important things to attend to, like planning his wedding to his mistress than actually seeing his children a few times to take them to eat.

Highway road linesSo, when it was revealed his living distance was going to increase slightly, everyone was skeptical any added effort to see his children would happen. And you know what – everyone was right! As of this writing, four months have elapsed since the move into his new house with his mistress and not once has he seen his children on any or his pre-arranged days. It’s clear spending time with them was not at the top of his list.

The image began of a new married couple buying a new house. Probably on the street they started unpacking on it would looked quite normal to the cheaters and mistress’ neighbors. I guarantee they wouldn’t go advertising how their marriage had started. I imagine they would keep things vague, like “oh we met at work”, “I was divorced and we started dating” and playing very loose with the truth in order to look like a respectable couple rather than acouple of lying snakes.

So at their new house space would be made for the two sons for the times they would get to spend with their father. Those times would of course be limited to every other weekend and one Wednesday during the week. As everyone learned it was likely they wouldn’t be there any more than the bare minimum the father had agreed to in the custody agreement.

The two boys were excited at the first thought of having part-time quarter at their father’s new house. The nine year-old gathered up a lot of his toys to bring to his new room. The seven-year-old followed his older brothers lead. When they left to see their Daddy’s new home they would get to stay at for about ten days every month they seemed happy.

But the idea they had in their heads must not have been the reality when they finally got to see it. A dramatic turnaround in the younger one was apparent when he returned to his real home with all his toys that he planned to keep at Daddy’s place. He simply stated, “I don’t want to keep my things there.”

Meanwhile, the Mistress was busy taking the ex-wife to court over her intruding on ‘her’ parenting time. It was a completely absurd argument that basically boils down to this: The kids have sports activities, sometimes they fall on Daddy’s days with the children, so Daddy has to take them to them.

Soccer ball on sunset fieldTheir mother, the woman who gave birth to these two children, who is raising them all on her own now, would goto the games and watch her sons play while sitting with the other parents. However, the Mistress thought their mother’s presence at the soccer field was an intrusion and created a ridiculous amount of drama and petty arguments about it.

The Mistress began to video record the wife at the games, supposedly hoping that it would be evidence that she was breaking the parenting agreement. At times she would try to instigate a reaction from the wife. This was done in full view of groups of children and parents! I’m sure this wasn’t causing the sons any distress at all and the Mistress and their father had their best interests in heart while acting like a pair of petty, immature juveniles. Oh yeah sure.

Finally the police were called to the children’s sports game. They actually arrived at the kids soccer field! Other parents were embarrassed for what the wife had to deal with. All the children were confused, as were the police to the overreaction of this Mistress and her adolescent behavior. Feeling like she was in the right and with her new jellyfish husband who apparently was going to ‘Yes’ everything she said and did – regardless that her behavior was a detriment to his two sons – he supported her when she decided to take his ex-wife to court.

By the way, other than the two young sons all the participants involved in this saga are adults. Grown ups…..supposedly mature, adult human beings!

So the wife has to goto court to argue that she should be allowed to watch her children play their sports activities. The judge was flabbergasted over this case being brought to him. Supposedly BOTH sets of lawyers (and yes even the Mistress’ attorney) were stunned the Mistress had such arrogance and would be so self absorbed she could even seriously pursue this matter.

Oh, and where was the cheating husband during all this? He was sitting right alongside his new Mistress wife not saying a word.

Not surprisingly the judge barely entertained any of this nonsense. A distance order was placed on the Mistress and she would not be allowed in a hundred feet of the wife. This resolution would have some amusing consequences down the road for this lying, immature, self-centered woman.

6 thoughts on “The Cheater Begins His New Life With His Mistress

  1. I’m confused are these stories real about the cheating husband & his mistress? This is no lie the story of my actual life right now. It’s scary it’s like you changed the sports activities played, ages of the 2 boys, ex moving instead of him making sure we moved across a nation & a body of water to protect or keep anyone from assuming who the jerk really is.

    1. Sadly these stories are all true. Nothing exaggerated. I’m sure the husband and the mistress would deny anything like this happened. As one person said – “they can’t even be honest and admit how their relationship really started”.

    2. Crazy right I just stumbled upon this article I am newly divorced from my husband of well over 25 years dedicated my whole life to his career which he was in the military. I did the soldiers life real well in about a year and some change ago things were different, but never in my wildest dreams. He was cheating, or we were married, and now they’re building a house together. The ink wasn’t even dry on the divorce papers.

  2. My ex husband and his mistress (yes they are engaged), are doing almost the same. Only my ex Husband was very abusive to me and my kids. So his mistress encouraged my ex to have one of his kids thrown in juvy. Because of all the abuse my ex had been investigated several times. During one such time I kept the kids from going on visitation. I am now in a court battle from hell! He claims he now wants more custody and decreased child support. Our kids have a guardian ad leitum appointed by the court. He still recommends for our youngest to go see his father because “there have been no current episodes of abuse.” crazy right?
    I have the kids in counseling and even the counselor agrees it is not in the best interest of the children to see their dad. Yet I am being called the crazy ex wife who just don’t want her kids to see their dad because she was cheated on. I guess we are supposed to forget that he is abusive to the children. As for the two of them they deserve each other (I am happily remarried to a great man).
    There is no extent to what these mistresses will do to cause trouble, and what these men (i use that term loosly) won’t do to please their new woman. Even if it means hurting his children.
    They also don’t honestly tell how their “relationship” started.

    1. When they do get married, we all know that will end in a divorce. Your h is no longer your problem

  3. My ex husband had also an affair and he is now married to his mistress, he got her pregnant while we were married! She knew everything about me! And l trusted him! He left me and he married her! He lied about everything and she did the same! I’m kind of curious how they are doing because l have no one who can inform me about them! I didn’t see him for more than ten years! A friend of my saw him not long time ago and she told me that he looked fat and old although he is just over the fifty! I really liked the fact that he was not looking good any more! Because he made my life like hell when l found out! I hope they will never find peace together! During the divorce both of them killed me with grief and stress!

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