The Continued Turmoil A Cheating Ex & His Mistress Will Cause


When the cheating husbands mistress becomes his wife the drama and pain doesn’t end to his victimized ex and his kids

evil step mother mistress cheater

Now married to his mistress, you would think the cheating husband’s focus would be on this new life he so desperately wanted to start with her. He had lied to his ex-wife when he was seeing her. He lied to his two sons as to why he left their house. And has continued to lie to everyone around as to what the circumstances of the divorce and quick marriage to his mistress was.

In reality it was clear to practically everyone no matter how convincingly he tried to weave the tall tales of this supposed fairy tale romance as to what exactly took place. Most people could see very clearly what happened and what he had done.

But he played his role in the performance of just a put-upon victimized ex-husband who fortunately found love in the arms of woman ten years his junior and quickly decided to marry her less than a year after his divorced was finalized. A divorce that he wanted to get done as fast as possible.

Perhaps it was pressure from his mistress or excitement and adrenaline on his part. Whatever the reason he would frantically make concessions in the divorce agreement that would haunt him for a long time. Sure, he got that divorce fast, but he gave up an awful lot in order to do it. At the time he wasn’t thinking very clearly. That seems to be his mindset from his impulsive decision to cheat on his wife and kids with this woman and ever since then all rationale thought disappeared.

As the wife’s attorney had said when he signed that divorce agreement, ‘He’s going to regret this’.

Anyway, instead of now focusing on his new marriage to his mistress a strange thing happened – this new couple became fixated on his ex-wife and subsequently would try to make her life as difficult as possible every chance they got.

The reasons for this are unclear for the ex-wife and thus myself to understanding their behavior. I would love to know what they were thinking. Unfortunately, I’m not privy to what the cheating ex-husband is thinking, if there’s any thought at all in his head. Not that I don’t think it would matter much anyway. He had been lying to everyone around him for so long, I doubt he’s able to admit any level of truth to even himself, let alone anyone else.

My suspicion is that gradually the ex-cheating husband and now Mrs. Mistress realized that the rosy, perfect life they envisioned wasn’t happening and they had to blame someone other than themselves and their behavior, so the easiest culprit to be aggressive towards would be the ex-wife.

Admittedly, the ex-wife might have had a hand in the children’s view of what had happened. She didn’t try hiding the fact that she was rightfully upset and wasn’t going to lie to them when they had questions. Such as when the son first met his father’s mistress he was told she ‘was just a friend’ and wasn’t living with him. When the son asked his mother if that was the truth she matter-of-factly told him no. But the ex-cheating husband didn’t even attempt in the least to make the huge life transition that he had placed on his two young sons any easier.

New Domineering WifeKids are smarter than most adults give them credit for. They take it all in and have a very black and white view of the world. So while their Daddy had lied to their mother a year earlier about working late when in reality he was having sex with his paramour, he might try to rationalize and justify his behavior, but the simple kid version is that he’s lying and is doing something wrong.

Subsequently, the two boys were introduced to their new step-mother and already weren’t much of a fan of hers. Their father’s attention were clearly on her all the time and spending time with his children came a distant second. She would always be around and they were forced to accept her. Well, it’s hard to force kids to do anything.

Frustration and resistance towards Mrs. Mistress began to boil and the two boys didn’t like her or what they’re father had become.

At one point spring break was going to arrive and they were due to spend it with their father. The eight-year-old spoke to him on the phone a week before spring break and told his father that – “I want to spend time with YOU, not anyone else. Just us!” Daddy not surprisingly said ok. The young son reiterated his point- “Do you promise?” to which his Daddy replied, “We’ll see.”

Once off the phone with his father he walked over to his mother and said to her, “I know he’s lying Mommy. He’s always lying.”

Even the younger six-year-old randomly walked up to his mother and unprompted said, “Mommy, I believe you”. It’s unclear as to what the boy was thinking about, but it was clear he had some thoughts gnawing away at him.

The harassment of the ex-wife didn’t start gradually, but with immediate force. Not surprising money became an issue between the ex’s. Despite urgently signing that marriage agreement, which as I said would be a dark cloud hanging over his head for longer than he anticipated, the cheating ex would try to get out of his payment agreements any chance he got. Rather than simply sending the checks to his ex-wife for what he agreed to, the ex-wife found herself having to chase him down for every little thing from babysitting bills to paying for the children’s sports activities.

The sports activities is where really crazy type of harassment took place. On one occasion the children had their soccer game while in the custody of their Daddy. He’s there with Mrs. Mistress by his side watching his son play. They don’t talk or interact with any of the other parents by the way. That bright scarlett letter this couple has on them is flashing like a bright neon sign and no one associates with him or his young wife.

Stepmother crazy psycho ecardAnyway, the ex-wife arrives at the game to watch her son play. She sits with a group of other parents, chats with them, watches her son play and doesn’t interact with her ex or his new wife.

The mistress immediately gets upset saying the ex-wife is intruding on ‘her parenting time’ and begins taking pictures of the ex-wife and videos her sitting there. She ended up getting in her face with her camera at which point the wife knocked her phone out of her hand.

Well, police must be called. Mrs. Mistress declares that she has witnesses to this assault. The police ask the other parents what happened and every single one say they didn’t see a thing.

For the rest of game, the police stay to monitor the situation while Mrs. Mistress must be comforted by the cheating husband – who sat quiet during this whole ordeal.

I can’t pretend to understand where the logic is in any of this dramatized reaction or how suddenly the mistress, who from the beginning had said she didn’t want to get involved with the ex-wife and all the issues are between them, now suddenly felt compelled to make such a scene over a non-issue. Or how she could say she has the children’s best interests in mind while having a squad of police cars show up at a children’s soccer game. And unbelievably how the cheating husband just sat there and did nothing….amazing.

Yes, there are really these type of people who exist on this planet.

Afterwards the cheated upon ex-wife is told by parents that they feel so sorry she must endure this and it’s awful what they are doing to her. One peeved parent was shocked the cheating husband “just sat there like a big pussy”, amazed he has let this mistress to not only help ruin his family’s life, allows her to make such an immature display take place in front of so many children, but also how passive he was to go along with all of it.

I imagine Mrs. Mistress was quite upset by all of this. How dare the mother of these two children infringe on her parenting time with them! The nerve! Later that evening she spent most of it crying over the inconsiderate ex-wife who is the parent of her newly inherited step-children and her irresponsible actions of wanting to see her sons soccer game.

Husband spineless puppetShe must of been crying pretty hard since both sons heard her bawling her eyes out, at which point the 8-year-old reassured his little brother, “It doesn’t matter if she’s crying. She’s not part of our family.”

Hearing that made the mistress cry harder.

Mrs. Mistress was forced to take action. So feeling vindictive very soon she would file harassment charges against her husbands ex-wife. Hopefully then the court will see just what terrible behavior is being thrust onto her by the mother of these two children and there will be some sort of justice.

Meanwhile, the cheating ex-husband said nothing and would go along with anything his new paramour/wife wanted – no matter how absurd or potentially damaging to his children it would be.

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  1. Wow this is is my story to a tee!!!
    It’s fascinating how predictable these idiots’ lives will turn out for causing so much harm to others and being so blind and selfish.

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