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Mischief 1985 poster logo

Mischief (1985) – A Review

It’s Ohio 1956 and a klutzy high school virgin meets a rebellious greaser who attempt to get him to overcome his shyness and land the girl of his dreams. It’s the 1985 teen/sex/comedy Mischief, starring Doug McKeon, Chris Nash, Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelly Preston

Daniel Craig Queen Elizabeth Olympics

James Bond, The Queen & The Olympics

To open the Olympics a film directed by Danny Boyle depicts Daniel Craig as James Bond escorting Queen Elizabeth to the opening ceremony – it’s pretty cool

Batman logo


The amusing news story of the police enchanting the caped crusader and actually pulling over Batman

Cinematic Titanic Mystery Science Theater 300 live show

Taking A Voyage On Cinematic Titanic

The Mystery Science 3000 cast and writers are doing a live show where they goof on bad movies called Cinematic Titanic, I was lucky enough to see it

Top Secret comedy movie

Top Secret! (1984) – A Review

A review of the 1984 spoof comedy Top Secret! starring Val Kilmer directed by Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker

MapQuest screen

An Experiment With MapQuest

MapQuest can be a handy tool for traveling, but can it also provide more philosophical information for your life