The Dictionary – The Best Book In History! (Or At Least One Of The Most Useful…)


The dictionary is still one of the best and most useful books around

dictionary useful book

I had to use a dictionary recently to get a definition. I love the dictionary. My personal one is right near my desk and I use it enough that it actually looks used. I never like when someone has a book on a shelf just for decoration’s sake. You can tell immediately that they never read it. The spine is completely stiff , the pages look crisp and white when you open it, only the outside is dusty from sitting on the shelf. I’m not sure who it’s supposed to impress or why exactly.

Not that it happens that often, but on rare occasions I find myself skimming thru a dictionary. Usually I’ll be in a bookstore or waiting for someone and spot it and just out of sheer boredom check it out. The one word I look up first is “dictionary”. It’s fun to see what a dictionary’s definition of “dictionary” is. I’m always hoping it will say something like: “you have got to be kidding” or “you’re holding one you idiot!”. Never does tho.

Stay tuned for a future blog about why the thesaurus is one of the best reads of all time…

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