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HaphazardStuff’s John Clark interview

Interview In Progress

I was recently given the opportunity to have a Q&A session with Christian Nieden from Camera in the Sun.

It was great fun and there’s a certain satisfaction knowing that someone out there appreciates these wacky projects of mine – especially enough to listen to me ramble about superheroes, James Bond and whatever other haphazard stuff popped into my head. I have to thank Christian for listening and being able to make all of it a coherent sounding interview! My hats off to you sir!

You can check out the interview here.Also be sure to take a look at some of the other interviews Camera in the Sun has done. They talk with an interesting batch of artists that are well worth reading.


1 thought on “The Haphazard Interview

  1. finally put face to the voice. Nice interview. But I have to contest you on the whole design trailer was weaker then it is today. Stuff like Alien had both mystery and craft. If you look at trailers today, it become the same format. Either horns or heartbeats are standard in trailer and most of the plot is giving away. If you look back at teaser like Back to the Future. Where he just get's in car and ask where he's going. It bring a type of suspens and intrige. You look at today's trailer, they making teaser to the teaser now. Or the vine it to a release. Still, there are some good trailer now of day's, but it far and few between.

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