The The Wheel Goes Round & Round


Do you ever get that feeling your jus a hamster running in non-stop wheel

hamster wheel

Don’t you hate when you suddenly feel like your going through the motions during the day. It starts feeling like the days during the week are completely interchangeable. You don’t realize it, since its just become your daily grind and it just becomes your standard schedule that you adhere to.

Then at some point you feel like you’re in the film Groundhog Day. Everyday feels the same, nothing changes and it just feels like you’re a hamster running on your wheel. Your supposed to be moving forward, but your not making any progress at all. Your just using all your energy up for no reason.

Change can be scary sometimes. You never know what could happen. Could things get better or they could get worse. There’s no way of finding out, unless you just step out of that hamster wheel. But sometimes its necessary. Right?

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